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Personalized, high-quality accounting and financial services to help you manage wealth and achieve your financial goals with precision and expertise. We pride ourselves on being trusted advisors and long-term partners, delivering tailored solutions that address each client’s unique needs and goals.


Welcome to Ascuena * Campbell, where our wealth of experience meets the depth of our dedication to manage your wealth and taxes with finesse and foresight. Recognizing that each client has a distinct story, we lean into our expertise in providing personalized, high-quality accounting and financial services to demystify your financial challenges. We’re more than just consultants; we’re your partners in crafting a secure and prosperous financial future. Our personalized approach has aided clients like Mrs. Thompson, an entrepreneur who found clarity and confidence through our robust estate planning services, and Mrs. Johnson, who discovered empowerment in wealth management in light of a significant inheritance. Each relationship is nurtured with the same commitment and zeal, exemplifying our pledge to be your long-term financial allies.

Why AC*TC?

Why our clients choose us is evident in the stories they share—from Mr. Rodriguez, whose family businesses soared with newfound tax credits to Mr. Lewis, whose investments were meticulously molded to harvest advantageous tax positions. Our integrity is paramount; transparency and discretion are the pillars supporting every decision we guide and every strategy we devise. This foundation reinforces the fortress safeguarding our clients’ financial data, inspiring trust and fostering long-term relationships.

Our satisfied clients echo our firm’s impact through their testimonials. The Thompsons reveled in the growth and security of their assets, while The Johnsons expressed gratitude for the tax savings we unearthed. The Greens applauded our commitment to their unique family goals, preserving their legacy with our estate planning prowess. Every testimonial stands as a testament to our dedicated service and the trust we strive to build with each client.

As a prestigious CPA firm, Ascuena * Campbell remains steadfast in its promise to be your steadfast guide through the complexities of wealth management, tax preparation, and financial strategy, ensuring that each meticulously crafted plan is as unique as the individuals and families who trust us to navigate their financial voyages to success.


Our tailored services extend beyond traditional accounting, offering a bastion of support and strategic insight. Take Mr. Martinez, who found refuge and robust returns in our wealth management strategy, or the Smith family, who received peace of mind knowing their estate planning was fortified against uncertainties ahead. Real estate investors like Mrs. Martinez look to us to navigate murky tax waters, emerging with sizable savings and a clearer investment horizon. Each client story underpins our mission to render exhaustive services designed for an exclusive clientele.

Meet the Team

We are a team of accountants with over 20 years of experience in providing accounting, auditing, tax and consulting services to individuals and businesses. We are committed to delivering high-quality, professional and personalized solutions that meet the needs and goals of our clients. Whether you need help with bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation, financial reporting, or business planning, we are here to assist you. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your financial success.

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